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Welcome to Meadowhawk Farm. We are a small family owned farm located in the historic town of Barnesville, Georgia. Our farm is licensed to sell goat milk for pet use and the pure wholesome milk is available most of the year. We specialize in scented soaps made with all-natural goat milk. Feel free to browse our site to discover for yourself the benefits of using goat milk. We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to our natural homemade goat’s milk soap.


Our love of a quiet, simple life and all things natural has led us to our beautiful Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. As we began to explore all of the products that our goats could produce we realized that in addition to the dairy products we could also make our own wonderful natural soaps. Like many people we had struggled with dry skin issues and really didn’t care for all of the chemicals in standard soap. Soap makers remove all of the glycerin that is produced in the soap making process so that they can sell it in other markets. Only natural homemade soaps still have the glycerin in the soap. The goat’s milk feeds your skin with natural proteins as the natural oils nourish to give you the softest and healthiest skin of your life. See our Benefits page for more information. Our goats are fed only the highest quality feeds and are grazed on open pasture. We feel this is not only healthier for the goats but keeps them much happier and contented. We believe that when we take good care of our animals they take good care of us.

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Stop by our store and pick up some of our fabulous products! Also, we occasionally have high quality registered Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale. Just check the store for current availability. Thanks so much for your interest in our goats and products. In addition we are adding Light Brahma Chickens to our farm in which we will have fresh chicken eggs coming around the fall of 2013.

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